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Easy-to-use sortable client database provides advanced tools to keep control of all your legal proceedings. Build your own client database step by step and keep a complete profile of each client – from the first meeting to billing.

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Easily manage your clients
Keep all contacts and information on clients and opponents in a single system.
Add new clients, whether they are companies or individuals, and specify their role in the case.
Calculate costs and quickly bill clients from your database.

Cross reference contacts assigned to a case
You do not need to gather additional information about a company or person who already worked with your law firm. Simply select a participant from your database and add the entry to a new case. The entire history of the participant is stored in the form – contacts, comments by your lawyers, and links to current and archived cases in etc.

Bill your clients within seconds
With client accounting in Caseone, you can quickly generate bills at any work stage. Select the required case and the system will automatically generate a bill based on all your costs and the amount of time spent on the case. lets you focus on what you do best
Don't wait for tomorrow to bring your legal practice up to the next level
Real-time monitoring of any changes in cases and receiving notifications – new cases, new documents, comments to tasks, etc.
Maintaining a single database of clients and billing in The system automatically calculates your rate, whether hourly or fixed, and time spent.
Saved case templates will help minimize routine filling out of similar fields. Simply select the type of case and the list of fields to fill out will be created automatically.
Start a timer on any service page: no matter if you are working with documents or creating a report. The system will automatically calculate the time you spend on the task.
Store documents in a single secure system. For convenient collaboration, you can share important files with co-workers with a few clicks.
Create tasks and assign responsibility for them. Set deadlines and leave comments for co-workers, attach files and log the time spent on the task.

Unlimited users. No hidden or additional fees

No Installation fees, setup fees, or customization fees. All features offered by are included in the price.

Unlimited Users
for teams wanting
to try out
The plan includes
  • • Up to 10 cases
  • • 5GB of total file storage for the team
Pay as you go
Unlimited Users
per active case, per month
billed monthly
The plan includes
  • • Unlimited cases
  • • 1GB file storage per case
Unlimited Users
per month
$14.50 per month cheaper,
than the «Pay as you go» plan
50 cases
monthly annually
All in one solution for your legal practice.
Work less, get more.
We care about the security of your data is available as either a cloud or an Enterprise solution that can be installed on the company's servers anywhere in the world. Your confidential business data is protected from leakage, however can still be easily shared within the company. The level of access to each case given to the employees is set individually.
All information transferred between and your browser is protected with AES-256 bit encryption, which is military level security.
All of our data centers use TIER III Level Fault Tolerance Servers ensuring data protection.
We make sure that only you can access your data by protecting it with Cutting Edge Firewall Technology against hackers and DDOS attacks.

Clear and lawyer-friendly system allows quickly automating standard processes and casework, creating a controlled system of delegating tasks and optimizing work with clients. We owe it to ourselves.

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